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Update: The Special Games project has been fully funded! Any additional funds raised over the $3,900 goal will still go directly toward future Special Games initiatives.

Established in 1977 on the Loyola Marymount University campus, Special Games began as the LMU Special Olympics sanctioned by California Special Olympics. When those games were finished, students decided to build their own program, known today as Special Games. LMU is the only university to create, sponsor and produce a community project of this magnitude.

A day of celebration for the mentally and physically challenged of Los Angeles, Special Games invites athletes onto campus first for a practice day and then the “Big Day.” Athletes participate in a noncompetitive setting in a variety of events and games such as basketball, bowling, arts and crafts, and so much more.

Special Games’ goal is fostering love, creating new friendships and making lifelong memories. It is a moving experience for all those who participate. These two days not only benefit the athletes who participate, but the coaches who support their athletes as well.

“Participating in the Special Games was such a mind-changing experience,” said Malachi Green ’19 and a Special Games 2016 coach. “Whenever someone thinks about a person who has a special need of some sort, we think of that person . . . as if they can’t do what everyone else can. What the Special Games has done for me was change that mindset, and showed me that it didn’t matter if someone couldn’t walk or was blind; everyone is capable of doing what they believe,  when they have a strong support system behind them. I loved being the support team for my athlete and I can’t wait to be there for them again this year,” Green said.

There is no fee for the athletes who participate, yet it costs Special Games $39 to host one athlete. The program would like to send an additional 100 athletes to Special Games. A gift of $39 would provide each athlete with lunch, a commemorative T-shirt, and a medal. Sponsor a Special Games athlete and allow even more athletes the chance to have this memorable experience.

For additional information on Special Games or other Raise the Roar programs and projects, please contact crowdfunding@lmu.edu.

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