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Update: The De Colores project has been fully funded! Any additional funds raised over the $5,000 goal will still go directly toward additional De Colores programming.


The De Colores program began 31 years ago when LMU alumni Chris ’85 and Julianne ’88 North made their first trip to Tijuana, Mexico. They quickly fell in love with the people of Tijuana, and then one another, as they inaugurated what would become the De Colores program here at LMU. Organized by Campus Ministry, every trip sends 15-20 students on a 145-mile journey to Tijuana to immerse themselves in the life and culture of the people there. De Colores trips take place eight times each year, from Friday afternoon through Sunday.

Over the course of the weekend, students help build homes for families in the community of El Florido. Other times they help lay concrete for a church or a store attached to a home that helps supplement a family’s income. Past projects have included building an orphanage and working to construct the community center, which is named after LMU to honor the students, alumni, faculty and staff who have worked here over the years. Students share a meal with, and learn from, the people at Casa del Migrante, a home for migrants, deportees and refugees. They conclude the trip by spending time reflecting at the border on the issue of immigration. 

While the weekend is full of emotional turns, one of the students’ most-meaningful moments is when they are able to be there at the unveiling of a home for a family. After the concrete has been mixed and poured, the frame constructed, the walls built and the exterior painted, families are shown their new homes. However, not every home is fully furnished.

A gift to De Colores would help supply the furnishings for a house. Some examples of items that will need to be purchased are: pots and pans, $50; a dining set, $250; a stove with oven, $300; a refrigerator, $400; and much more. These furnishings would deliver the last necessity to turn a family’s house into a home.

Learn more from last year’s 30th anniversary trip in the video below.

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