For more than 30 years, De Colores has taken LMU students on a weekend service trip to Tijuana. These social justice and cultural immersion trips allow students to learn firsthand about issues of poverty and immigration by helping build a house and sharing meals with community residents. Most of the homes built during these trips are not furnished. A gift to De Colores would help supply the furnishings for a house built during one of eight De Colores trips a year.
Raised: $5,565
Goal: $5,000
Percentage Funded: 100%
Donors: 66
Loyola Rugby at LMU is a proud and distinguished club that has been playing at Loyola Marymount University for close to 60 years. Their current goalpost pads, sideline markers and flags were purchased almost 20 years ago and have held up, but are coming to the end of their useful lifespan. Keep this long-running program looking its best and help Loyola Rugby at LMU purchase items needed to refresh their look and equipment for their field.

Raised: $6,100
Goal: $4,000
Percentage Funded: 100%
Donors: 30
Diabetes is a global epidemic affecting hundreds of millions of people. Patients must measure their blood glucose levels daily through painful, invasive methods with a needle. Electrical engineering students at LMU working on a capstone project are trying to develop a noninvasive way to detect glucose concentration. Their research shows that they need a supercontinuum laser to fully develop this meter and hopefully make the world’s first noninvasive glucose meter.
Raised: $7,601
Goal: $7,000
Percentage Funded: 100%
Donors: 83
First To Go offers first-generation students valuable resources for academic, professional and personal growth via mentoring and various on- and off-campus programs. First To Go emphasizes the unique cultural capital that first-gen students, who represent 13% of the total LMU population, bring to the university. Your support would give two first-generation students an opportunity to attend a study abroad trip to the Dominican Republic focusing on cultural identity.
Raised: $4,475
Goal: $4,000
Percentage Funded: 100%
Donors: 93
Developed in conjunction with the Community of Care, the LMU Student Emergency Aid Fund provides financial assistance to individual students on a case-by-case basis. The Emergency Aid Fund would help students when a sudden hardship or personal and unforeseen crisis makes it difficult for them to meet basic needs, and would assist them to meaningfully manage the crisis they are experiencing and stay on track with their academic goals.

Raised: $3,275
Goal: $2,500
Percentage Funded: 100%
Donors: 25
Founded in 1977 as a student-run organization, Special Games is a day of celebration and fun for the mentally and physically challenged of Los Angeles. This event bridges the special needs community and the university for a day of games and celebration, with students pairing up with athletes and acting as their coaches for the day. Giving to Special Games would allow more athletes to participate in this wonderful event.

Raised: $4,214
Goal: $3,900
Percentage Funded: 100%
Donors: 73